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Guillaume was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and displayed an artistic talent at an early age.  His fascination with art and theater would take him into the theatrical / production industry where he gained extensive experience in all aspects of the field.









In 1977, Guillaume moved to Las Vegas where he planted his roots and continued to build his career in the entertainment industry.  Having a rich and varied background as a designer of movie, television and stage sets, he demonstrates his artistic talents and expertise in areas such as magic illusions, props, animated attractions, motorized units, scale models and prototypes.

Guillaume's love for creating works of art goes beyond to include sculpting, molding, freelance designing, architectural treatments and 3D casino signs.

In 1978, his versatility enabled him to open his own set design and construction company.  Art Director of Pasco International (1985-1987), Scenic Technologies (1989-1991), Decorators Supply House (1995-1998), and Architectural Resources (1998-2001).  President of Infinite Arts (1991-1995) and General Manager / Art Director for Silver Star Studios (2000-2001).

Since 1998, Guillaume has been the Lead Carpenter / Head Prop Builder for the "Cirque du Soleil" show in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.  He is Founding Member on the Board of Directors for "Women In Film Las Vegas".

In December 2006, Guillaume open the production studios "Dream Vision" in Las Vegas. The company was formed and it opened its doors to provide the valley with a one of a kind full service studio. (

Guillaume's extraordinary talents have given him the opportunity to be a part of Las Vegas history.  "He is a true artist in every sense of the word."  Creative, imaginative, demanding of himself, passionate, devoted and above all, dedicated to putting forth his best efforts and creating works of art that are enjoyed by so many.




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