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We are currently working on putting together a product line and will keep the website updated with information.

L’ Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau, "New Art", was and still is modern, and was and still is historical. In a fun philosophical perception I preceive the art form Art Nouveau to fully apply to you if you are an artist creating new works of art. Hence you can be called an Art Nouveau artist. .

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You are invited to come browse through the site of Guillaume Guy's  work.

Whether you need something rather simple or something more can be assure you are at the right place here to get the professional job you are seeking.

Because of the many talents of this extraordinary artist, the site is divided into many different categories.

Choose a category and let your imaginations flow....let us bring your visions into reality too.


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architectural ornamentations
the process
automated sculptures
faux finishes
scale models
graphic art / drawings
scenic art / sets

reliefs / friezes








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